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Opera buffa, zarzuela and Mexican music were enjoyed by the public during the show “Noche Mexicana de Opera”, presented last Monday at Casa Haas.
Lizeth Hernández (special guest), Manuel Salas (Tenor), Homero Monreal (Baritone) participated, accompanied on piano by Mtro. Pablo López and Oscar Félix’s guitar.
Interpretations of buffa and traditional opera gave way to zarzuelas with which the piano music took us to Spanish landscapes and even bullfighters.
When performing Mexican repertoire, that music that encourages anyone especially when traditional and romantic songs are performed, the voices transmitted emotions, pride and joy.
“Volver volver”, “Cielo Rojo”, “Deja que salga la luna”, “La muerte del palomo” and “El Rey” were also quietly sung by the audience, the performers very inspired by having their loves present and for keeping love in mind.
Lizeth Hernández (special guest) expressed that “La muerte del palomo” is a song that touches her heart and that she really likes Mexican music because it is one of her passions, and in each performance she tries to give its essence.
“Mexican music is to transmit to the public those colors that describe Mexico,” she said.
Maestro Manuel Salas commented that they were very nervous before the concert because of the program they prepared because it is a national celebration month and they had to incorporate what they like…The Mexican, the traditional, the beautiful and what is in everyone’s heart.
He shared that the members of the concert met at the Municipal Arts Center of the Mazatlán Instituto de Cultura in the Ángela Peralta Choir, they coincided in some events and decided to organize concerts, events and produce music that is what they like and are passionate about.
He pointed out that the musical repertoire was selected by the demands of performing each piece and with the intention of making it a party for the people.
We cannot look for only ourselves to shine, we have to give people what they like, we had the accompaniment of two teachers with great musical intuition, like Mtro. Oscar Félix and Pablo López, he concluded.

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