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Carlos Osuna, Mazatlan tenor, returns from Vienna Austria, a country where he resides and shines professionally, to once again present his acclaimed concert “Asi suena el mariachi” to the Mazatlán public. The event is this Sunday, September 17th at 7:00 p.m. at the Ángela Peralta Theater.
The artist happily gave an interview prior to his performance.
“At the request of the public, thank God, we are here to present the same program that we did on July 20th and now we will repeat it on September 17th, (the program) fits with the national holidays,” he said.

“We are happy to be back, we took a quick trip to Vienna, I spent 2 weeks there, I practically went to fulfill rehearsal commitments for an opera called “Tristan und Isolde” and also preparing some things that I have to do in November, in December and January, so I couldn’t help but return to Vienna, I had to fulfill those commitments and here I am to give the best to the Mazatlan public this Sunday, September 17th at exactly 7:00 P.M,” he responded.
About the concert he says: In “ Así Suena el Mariachi ” the Traditional Mexican Ensemble directed by Samuel Murillo, the Ángela Peralta Choir under the direction of maestra Mary Murillo, and the CMA Folkloric Ballet under the tutelage of maestro Javier Arcadia participate. The idea is to present a Mexican party, I will also have the privilege and honor of being accompanied on stage by mezzo-soprano Sarah Holcombe.
-You give yourself the luxury of making the audience sing, that is why you have achieved this well-deserved success for this second presentation.
“That’s right, the repertoire that I chose for the concert I did thinking about what the people already know, the intention was that together with me everyone would be singing softly or loudly, but with me, because all the people know those songs. I tried to select the most famous songs by Pedro Infante, Javier Solís, Vicente Fernández. I believe that just as no concert is the same, I believe that no interpretation could be the same, even if I sang it a hundred times. Each one has a different personality, always hoping “That it is not the same as the last time, vocally you can also do different things, for me it is very important that the audience receives the magic from the stage.”

“The concept (of the concert) is exactly the same, even so it will have a very different essence and surely the people who have had the pleasure of coming to the first concert will notice that difference, despite being the same repertoire, the atmosphere will be totally different.”

Asi suena el mariachi” is an excellent step for you to get to know the vocal ranges and all of this. Is that so?
“Within my time here at the Ángela Peralta Theater I always seek to sing different types of genres, where my voice fits, to be able to please all tastes, because I understand many people do not know about opera, many people have that cliché of that opera is elitist, for rich people, or for very cultured people.”

“In reality, opera is for everyone, it is practically like a play that is sung without a microphone, with the voice imposted (imposting is fixing the voice on the vocal cords to emit the sound in its fullness without hesitation or tremor), in other languages”.

“I think that if we took a moment and read at least the synopsis of what the opera is about, we would understand a lot of what happens on stage even without speaking the language, because the same music also transmits emotions to you, and now knowing the context you have more fun, and I think that people who say that have never come, or they imagine what it is like, and in reality they have not given themselves the opportunity to come and experience it in person and see what they can feel, I invite all the people of Mazatlán to come to the Ángela Peralta Theater because many things about opera and zarzuela are presented, give themselves the opportunity to come, after that if they have the same appreciation of opera or lyrical singing, they are welcome. I consider it okay, but without first coming, no.”

Tickets for “ Así Suena el Mariachi ” are on sale at the theater box office and prices range from $200, 300, 400 and 500 pesos, also available at the Cultura Digital Box Office 669 120 00 20 (Whatsapp).

Éste artículo fue publicado en Angela Peralta Theater Press, Artistic Education Press, Press. .

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