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Surrender (to study), enjoy, demand from us, there is a lot to get from the institution, said the General Director of the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán, Raúl Rico González, to students and teachers of the Municipal Arts Center, during the inauguration of the 2023-2024 school year, this Monday at the Museum of Music.

According to the school register, around 700 students began classes at the CMA as of this Monday. These are undergraduate students, technical level and workshops.

“Really, those who chose to start an art career are headed through a difficult path, which demands a lot but which will help all of you satisfactorily, there will come a time when creativity exceeds you and reality would like to stop you, that is what we offer is this institution”, he emphasized.

When the CMA began its work in 1993, at the end of the Sinaloa Cultural Festival, one of the purposes was to continue the teaching and dissemination of the arts so that the dreams of the artists and the public created as a result of the FCS, would not disappear.

And that is why the school was born, we started with visual arts or fine arts, a project was started that had to do with singing, the Ángela Peralta Choir, some music, and thus, little by little, a very large tower was built. solid because (the CMA) is made of a great scaffolding, which are you, added the official.

After 25 years (we will celebrate it next year), we can say that those who started this fervently fulfilled their commitment, and it is you who have the great responsibility to keep it going, there are not many educational centers that have what this offers. institution: A theater, rehearsal rooms, exhibition halls, a house of culture “Casa Hass” and they are forums for you, where you will be able to express yourself, but you will also be able to coexist with more advanced artists and established artists, that many do not have a privilege to do, fortunately here it is a given, you are going to be the beneficiaries, reiterated the General Director of CULTURA.

Liliana Aréchiga Pérez, educational director of the CMA presented managers and coordinators of the different areas:
mtro. Vinny Osuna Lizárraga, Music and Singing Coordinator,
mtro. Víctor Ruiz/Claudia Lavista, Contemporary Dance Coordinators;
Prof. Zoila Fernández Fernández, Classical Ballet Coordinator;
Prof. Mónica Rice Cázares, Coordinator of Fine Arts;
mtro. Ramón Gómez López, Theater Coordinator;
mtro. Javier Arcadia Ruiz, Folkloric Ballet Coordinator;
mtro. Alonso Guerra García, Literature Coordinator;
mtro. Julio Recinos Tirado, Cinematography Coordinator;
mtro. Santiago Rosas, Regional Music Coordinator.

Aréchiga mentioned that she continues with the processes of regularization of procedures before the Ministry of Public Education and Culture.

He highlighted that the first-year groups of the Bachelor’s Degree in Contemporary Dance and technical careers in Fine Arts, Theater Art and Classical Ballet, will begin with an updated study plan thanks to the collaboration of the area managers with the Educational Coordination and that subjects are implemented extracurricular programs that will strengthen the previous programs, all this with the purpose of guaranteeing an integral formation to increase the labor competitiveness of the students and graduates.

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