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Fascinating stories will be told this Wednesday, December 6th in the Carnaval Corridor, when at 5:00 p.m. in Dialogues of our History, historian Rubén Romero Ibarra will speak about “Pirates in “Mazatlán, Thomas Cavendish, the sailor who went around the world and arrived in Mazatlán.”

The speaker has a long curriculum on history, his different diplomas in Regional History taught by the Faculty of History of the UAS have led him to mark his territory and expand his knowledge about important events that occurred in different centuries in the region.

About the talk of this installment, Thomas Cavendish (1560-1592), known as the Navigator, was an English sailor and privateer, the first man to complete global circumnavigation; After his first adventure that made him rich thanks to the plundering of Spanish gold, he undertook a second voyage, but he was not so lucky and died at sea.

Among his exploits in 1587 Cavendish captured the Nao de China, the 700-ton Spanish galleon Santa Ana, in waters out of Cabo San Lucas Bay in the south of the Baja California peninsula, which was making the voyage between Mexico and the Philippines during the 16th to 18th centuries bringing goods and treasures from Asia to the new world.

Alonso Guerra, Coordinator of Dialogues of our History, invites lovers of port stories to this event where the talk will surely add to the knowledge of those who like to listen to stories of pirates or sailors on the high seas.

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