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Designer of the dress of the Queen of the Floral Games, Children’s Queen and Queen of Poetry of Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán 2024

In the art of design I found my path, a path full of dreams, anecdotes and adventures that are accompanied by passion and love that are reflected in pencil and paper and have the power to become works of art made in satin and lamé, says Edgar Mohe.

At 24 years of age, the architecture student entered the design of royal dresses through the front door, when his dream of dressing a queen led him to the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán: In 2023 he was the creator of the Carnaval Queen’s outfit and this year he will land his main aesthetic values and his readings on baroqueism in the dresses of the Queen of Floral Games, Children’s Queen and Queen of Poetry.

“No one said that the beginning would be easy, but reaching this goal was more than beautiful,” the new creative with a promising future in the world of fashion design expresses with emotion.

With a born talent for materializing ideas and desires with pieces of satin, lamé, pearls, sequins and braids, Edgar Mohe urges us to turn life into a dictionary of dreams, where strength and perseverance are the ink on his pages.

“Let’s show the world but above all ourselves, that we are willing to improve ourselves and live the day to the fullest, my dream is just beginning, and I know that other people will also achieve theirs.”

“Here I am again with the same dreams as last year and now transforming, improving, because I believe that you have to evolve, you have to transform, you have to improve to be able to give your one hundred percent,” he emphasizes.

The person chosen to dress three queens of the court of Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán 2024 “Eclipse Barroco” confesses that his foray as designer of the royal costumes for the port’s biggest festival has been an exciting, amazing process.

“I didn’t expect anything that happened to me, both last year and this year have been a brutal surprise because in 2023 I designed the Carnaval Queen’s dress and this year the other three remaining ones, so it is and has been a beautiful process ”.

This 2024, I have to design the dress for the Queen of the Floral Games, the Children’s Queen and the Queen of Poetry of Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán.

Edgar Mohe specifies that his designs will be materialized and brought to fabric by Sodelva Ríos and he is sure that they will be spectacular.

What elements did you consider this time?
“It is a mix between heaven and earth, for these three works I was inspired by three important baroque painters: Rubens, German painter; Diego Velázquez, Spanish painter and Artemisia Gentileschi, Italian painter. It is to pay tribute to the works of these three great representative figures of the original baroque and realist painting of this era.”

He acknowledges that upon realizing that this year’s theme will be “Baroque Eclipse,” the ideas began to travel in his mind and he designed 40 proposals that were detailed when the Carnaval theme was revealed, although he only delivered 25 sketches to CULTURA from which three were chosen.

“When I found out that they had chosen three of my designs, it was a surprise. I didn’t expect it. I’m simply going to let them see my work, to let them know that I love Carnaval, that I’m passionate about the Carnaval. If they choose me great, but if not, the fact that they have seen my work is the most important thing for me.”

Edgar Mohe shares that he was waiting for the launch of the Carnaval theme by the Institutp de Cultura to begin designing his proposals to dress the royal court.

“Not sleeping, staying up late, reading, drawing, throwing out ideas, rolling up papers, working, making an effort because this opportunity is for the one who fights for it, the one who makes the effort, I don’t care, I mean it in a good way, if I don’t care if they choose me next year, because if they choose someone younger than me, who looks for this opportunity and who dreamed of it and who fought for it, stayed until he achieved it, good for him, there are many people in the world. Rigoberto Lewis said that he didn’t care who worked on Carnaval, what mattered to him was that he loved Carnaval. Me too, I don’t care if it is another young person, if it is me, whoever it is, the important thing is that they love Carnaval and that they fight to make it even more elevated.

Sodelva loves Carnaval, it is a very beautiful union.

“It is a very beautiful union, we are two generations of Carnavals, but when art is art, history is history and when love is real, anything that can distance you does not matter, what matters is that you are going to move things forward with passion and effort, and that has been what has brought me together with Sodelva, the love for Carnaval, she loves Carnaval, if not, she would not have been doing it for more than 30 years. She did it and has taken care of it, between storms, eclipses, between empires, between muses, between all the themes that Carnaval has had in 126 years, in 33 years she has known how to maintain everything, absolutely everything that this festival has been and for me that It is love, and love unites people and here I am.

This Carnaval won for being one of the most colorful, as defined by México Desconocido Magazine, What colors do you avoid?
“I avoid wearing white and red, when it comes to the Queen’s dress. For what reason? Not because they are bad colors, on the contrary, white reflects purity and red strength, but they have been used a lot in the history of Carnaval, there are more colors to use. Why use two, when we have countless colors? There are more colors that can fill people’s eyes. Investigating the history of Carnaval you realize what colors have been used. For example, last year I used a color that was not used for 20 years, this year there are colors again that were not used for 10 or 15 years.
In each of the pieces I designed there is a color that has not been used for a long time, I really like working with colors that are not used for a long time.

Have you already named your designs, your real dresses?
“Now! Personally, they have a name inspired by the paintings I used, the Queen of the Floral Games’ dress is called “The Birth of the Milky Way”; The Children’s Queen is called “Las Meninas” and the Queen of Children’s Poetry is called “Le Grand Artemisia” and I also want to highlight that just as they have a painting name, they have their poem, the entire history of each of the dresses, The meaning of each dress is based on a poem written by a servant, for each of the queens, who wears the royal clothing.

To write those poems, did you use day or night?
At night, there is nothing more inspiring than a full moon.

Share three lines from those poems and describe the atmosphere that surrounded you.

“I was writing what each dress meant, but in a simple way, and I thought about creating a poem that reflects what each dress is.

The birth of the milky way, dress for the Floral Games:

“Among the universal clusters of celestial bodies,
seeds germinated with light of millions of years and spaces of total darkness,
Once again the universe has given birth, this time to the small milky way,
a being full of light and wonders, who for eternity due to the immensity
It will never be fully discovered.”

Las Meninas, dress for the Children’s Queen:

“In the historical life of royalty, the first step of a monarch is to walk through their childhood, surrounded by jewels, luxuries and an inexplicable reason to start fighting,
protect and keep that ceremonial ornament
surrounded by precious stones, which we must call crown.”

Le Grand Artemisia, dress for the Queen of Poetry:

“In the mind of the human being, dreams are kept to be achieved,
those illusions that can become reality,
these small moments with which you can vibrate
and they can even be represented in unparalleled works of art.”

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