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This Saturday at the facilities of the Music Museum, an open class was presented under the direction of maestro Víctor Ruíz with the participation of students from the Professional School of Contemporary Dance of the Municipal Center of the Arts.

Entre Nudos “Between knots” was the title given to the program because the ties that have been formed between the students of the XXV generation of the EPDM are so strong, and difficult for them to be broken.

14 artists who are being trained at the EPDM participated in the open class, young people who presented their great progress and talent through the pieces: Recuerdos ajenos; Tu nombre; Objetos; Décima muerte; Sabe a insensatez; Carta; Reflejo; Sable; Taquipsiquia; Agualuna; Aire; Un toque de ternura; Volver a nacer; Premoniciones.

Through their stage performance, the young people used body language to express their fears, frustrations, desires, dreams, what they detest and hate, turning each piece into a soliloquy that revealed where they are going and what they want in life.

The XXV generation of the EPDM made up of women – there is only one man – is characterized by the representation of feminine strength.

“They have a lot of creative ability and are very powerful, they have a very empowered masculine energy, so they have that double discourse between being fragile, but they are also very powerful,” said Víctor Ruiz.

At the end of the event, a debate was held, so that the public could ask open questions about the topics.

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