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Demonstrating the great talent that exists in the schools of dance of Mazatlan, 20 children’s academies, filled the Angela Peralta Theater with an unparalleled show, which captivated hundreds of attendees who love this art from beginning to end.

The event is part of the meeting of academies that for several years has been carried out by the Municipal Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlan, this time it was the children’s category´s turn.

In spite of their short ages, the dancers gave themselves completely in each step and movement, projecting the passion for dance art that moves them.

Amada’s Dance, Dance Evolution, Teatrino Dance Studio, Tellez Dance, Stardance Studio, 8 Times, Astros Dance Center, Dance Box Studio, Dance Queen, Devant Studio, Latin Rumba, Dance Edith Clavel, Dance World Center, Flexible, Starjazz Studio, Armot Dance, Danzare Studio, Reade To Dance, Dance Asis and Indiras Jazz, were the participating academies.

The stage was filled with joy, seduction and charisma with the varied genres that pleased the audience so much that in the end they returned the delivery to the dancers in an effusive standing ovation.

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