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Twelve young people passionate about photography, together sdisplayed a subtle and novel gallery named “Photobooks, images that are also read.”

After an arduous work of two months of research, technique and implementation of what was learned in the workshop 821 and under the baton of the experienced artist Iván Lizárraga, the young talents under the pseudonym Colectivo Rellat 14, exhibited great visual pieces that will grace the Rubio Gallery from today until on May 11, located at the Ángela Peralta Theater.

Feelings, nostalgia, crafts, landscapes, colors, the beauty of Mazatlan, a union of diversity of ideas and visions of seeing the world were captured in this new technique of telling stories through photographs, as artists defend that images also can be read.

In this exhibition, which will be open to the public free of charge, the viewer will be able to enter such a diverse environment, some photobooks relate the artist’s personal life, others tell other people’s stories, some show research works and others presume the beauty of the Port and thematic of current social interest.

Damara Isabela Mayorquín Higuera, Daniela Herrera Lizárraga, Héctor Tirado Vizcarra, Johannie Rodríguez Velázquez, Lilia Teresa Aguiar Pérez, Mayra Pérez Kuri, Nancy Vanessa Rivera de la Rosa, Norman Eduardo Alcántara Ochoa, Quetzalli Yasú Chanona Abbey, Sichem Rizo Álvarez, Sol De la Vega Lizárraga, Ulises Francisco Calderón Paredes, are the artists involved who proudly showed their most recent works.

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