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This Saturday, November 9, at 6 PM at the Cinema at Casa Hass the Cycle: “The War” begins. With the vision of two of the most influential filmmakers in film history (Stanley Kubrick and Andrei Tarkovski) and another who has been gaining his place as a brilliant director (Nolan).

The first film to be screened is “Paths of Glory” (1957); an adaptation of a 1935 novel by Herbert Cobb by a 28-year-old Stanley Kubrick, who launched it at a world-renowned level by showing his extraordinary visual gifts and the treatment of staging.

Set in the narrow trenches of the western front of World War I, and another part of the story in a military marble room where justice will become an arbitrary affair; General “Mireau” (George Macready) orders a suicidal and useless attack against a German fortress and after the inevitable failure, orders that three men be chosen to be shot for cowardice. While Colonel “Dax” (Kirk Douglas), disgusted with the arrogant incompetence of his superiors, tries to defend these innocent men.

The juxtaposition of pride and cruelty as central themes in this anti-war film is masterful.

The film is screened in its original language, English with Spanish subtitles.

Admission is free, with limited space.

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