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This Monday, July 13 at 12:00 noon on the official Facebook page “Cultura CMA”, the fifth generation of the Technical Career in Theatrical Art of the Mazatlán Instituto de Cultura will present “Graduation Work”, a sign that Art, like life, always opens new paths in the midst of adversity.

Maestro Luis Ibar was prepared to direct the theatrical version of “Trainspotting”, based on the text that the theater and film director Gabriel Retes produced from the Irvine Welsh novel. As the days passed, it became evident that, due to the COVID-19 health contingency, there would be no possibility of carrying out the assembly, but the idea of creating a proposal of a multidisciplinary nature was already firmly rooted in him and in his students.

The final decision was to develop video art works in which each student offered a text or a monologue. It was a long, meticulous process, in which they made their proposals, sent them on video, were revised, corrected and, thanks to the experience and knowledge of Maestro Ibar, were transformed into four theatrical experiences enriched by audio elements, music, transitions, colors and visual effects.

“The result, for m,e is very pleasant and very valid; in the end the process, although it cannot be as deep and as close as when one is with the students, it was still a process that cares about teaching them that they have to find solutions, and that is the great teaching. (…) Our obligation as teachers is to teach them that they should not stop, that they should ask a question and give an answer, whatever they can, whatever they have, because that is the creative act. That would be my synthesis of this whole process: that no pandemic, no economic or socio-political situation should stop you and should stop you if you have an impulse and you really are an artist. The difficulties make the artist grow “.

Thus, Dulce María Prado Guzmán and Richard Pascual Hernández will present monologues of the tragedy “Macbeth”, by William Shakespeare; Daniel Abundis Abundis will offer a monologue based on another classic, “Life is a Dream”, by Pedro Calderón de la Barca, and Francisco Javier Torres Salazar will present an original monologue, “You get up wanting”.

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