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The exhibition “Mazatlán, Shapes y Colores” that is exhibited in the Bicentennial Museum of the city of Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato, allows 27 local artists to transcend cultural borders.

Thanks to the pairing of Mazatlán and Dolores Hidalgo, the collection that is made up of 34 works of different sizes represented the Port well with landscapes that were done with watercolor, engravings, paintings in different reliefs, causing a great sensation among the attendees.

It will be from Monday, February 22 to Monday, March 22 when it is exhibited in the Bicentennial Museum, a gallery that has as a companion in the anteroom of the museum what is done by artisans from Uriangato, Guanajuato, who are skilled in handling textiles, highlighting their called ephemeral rugs and more.

Maestra Mónica Rice, coordinator of Fine Arts of the Municipal Arts Center, became the cultural representative of this event, who said that local artists were excited by this opportunity, which motivates them to continue creating more pieces with the same passion.

After the quality of the works exhibited in Dolores Hidalgo, Rice indicated that Héctor García Herrera, director of the Casa de Cultura of the Dolorense municipality, would like to carry out cultural exchanges, a situation that would pay for the training of the natives of the Port.

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