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Practically everything is ready for “Welcome 2022”, a great event where the Government of Mazatlán headed by the Mayor, Quimico Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres, and the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte will close the year with a celebration in Paseo Olas Altas in the bay of the Port.

After a supervision of the headquarters together with elements of Public Security, Municipal Traffic and Civil Protection, Lic. José Ángel Tostado Quevedo, General Director of the Instituto de Cultura indicated that everything is defined so that attendees enjoy the three stages that will be installed with live music in Olas Altas, access will be allowed starting at 8:00 p.m., while the event will start at 9:00 p.m.

The official specified that, at the entrances located in the Monument to the Mazatlecan Woman, the Shield of Sinaloa and Mariano Escobedo Street, there will be staff who will apply the established health protocols that range from sanitizing, applying antibacterial gel and requiring a mask from each of the attendees.

Thanks to the coordination between municipal institutions, there will be the support of the Municipal Police and elements of Municipal Transit, who will protect the area before, during and at the end of the event, as well as from 00:00 hours on December 31st. the circulation to vehicles in Olas Altas.

There will be 400 tables that will be installed which are practically sold in their entirety, where citizens of the urban and rural areas, as well as national and international tourists will enjoy this celebration where “Su Majestad, Mi Banda El Mexicano”. will entertain on the main stage..

The group directed by Casimiro Zamudio will perform on the stage mounted on the monument “El Venado”, prior to them there will be a versatile group. Another space will be in the Shield of Sinaloa and will be starred by “La Falsa Orquesta Cubana” and Banda Sinaloense. While the third temple will be in front of the monument of the “Mazatlecan Woman” with a DJ and versatile group.

For a better celebration the authorities invite attendees to not bring glass, sharp objects, or fireworks, since they will be confiscated. In the area there will be sale of different products to drink and eat. It should be noted that people who have not reserved a table will be able to enter for free to enjoy this great event as a family, only without the right to table.

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