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On Friday at seven in the evening, the Photographic Exhibition “Culturas” by René González Rodríguez was inaugurated at the Rubio Gallery.

The exhibition hosted in the programming of Spring Season 2023, will remain open to the public until May 19th.

The photographs show the faces of people captured by the artist’s camera with the intention of sharing the cultural traits of the countries to which he has traveled.

The inauguration of “Culturas”, organized by Dory Perdomo, was chaired by César Forero, the lens artist René González (René Gon), Gabriel Miranda and maestro Enrique Vega, Director of Planning of the Instituto de Cultura de Mazatlán.

In an interview, speaker René Gon highlighted:
I want to transmit images that represent the culture of America, it is a long journey, but I am interested in transmitting all that, the ethnic groups, that tthe culture is not forgotten, their roots, he said.

-Mainly what are the places or cultures that you show in your photographs?
“Cuba, Guatemala, Peru and Mexico.”
How long did it take you to do this tour?
“Me and my wife, my travel companion since we began our marriage, began to travel, savings were always for travel, travel and learn and to nourish ourselves with cultures and take those snapshots. (The material is a sample) About 10 years worth (of travel), it was material that I had there, I didn’t say: I’m going on a trip all this year and I’m going to be looking for those images, no!, it was like a year’s rest and then another and so, I was going to travel ”.

Why their faces, rather than capturing the community in general, were their faces? “Because I feel that the face defines the personality, there you realize if (the person) is sad, if they are angry or happy, as it is a very strong human expression.”

The artist René Gon commented that when people realized that they were being photographed and began to pose, the concept of taking the real moment they were living was lost.

In the text that accompanies the exhibition, Gabriel Miranda mentions that the artist René Gon, thanks to his vision of a world without obstacles or borders, armed with his camera and with color as the protagonist, gives us this exhibition as a window to the now of the nations.

René Gon studied photography at the Colegio de Fotografía de Occidente in 2012 and since then he has not stopped taking photographs and setting up exhibitions.

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