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The graduation of the 2019-2023 generation of the Bachelor of Music and Singing of the Superior School of Music of the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán was surprising and successful.

“Recitales” was the graduation program for young artists who gave a small sample of their virtues and advances in musical art after completing their studies at the Municipal Arts Center.

On that very special night, the professional musicians starred in an evening that put an end to their student days at the CMA and symbolized their first step towards conquering the stage and advancing their professional training.

The repertoire of that great night was made up of Peregrina by Luis Rosado Vega; Concierto No. 2 1er Mov. Allegro Moderato by W.A. Mozart; El sueño de la muñeca, de Agustín Barrios; Odessa – marimba solo- by Matthew Lorrick and Dreamscapes -marimba solo- by Patrick Long, among other pieces.

Maestro Víctor Alonso Osuna said in his speech that the 2019-2023 generation of the Bachelor of Music and Singing is named “Mtro. Pablo Lopez”.

Liliana Aréchiga Pérez,Educational Director of the CMA; Claudia Alduenda, Nina Farvarshchuk, Maritza Cisneros, Max Carreón and Pablo López accompanied and witnessed the graduation of the students at Casa Hass.

Luis Rodrigo Simental Gallegos, Sheyli Yessenia Batzin Quinac, Luis Gerardo Sosa Santizo, Ada Liseth Gil Ochoa, Erick Ramos Avalos, Romina Osuna Carrillo, Lester Alfonso Rosas Sotelo, Miguel Ángel Moreno Zambrano and Miguel Alejandro Lizárraga Alduenda, received diplomas and responded to their last roll call.

“It is a night of congratulations, a night of recognition, I would like to start by recognizing the work we do together, all of us who are here have collaborated in this objective, starting with parents, siblings, friends. Teachers are witnesses of the strength it takes to get here. The teachers are accomplices and artisans of this work of art”, expressed Mtro. Pablo López as final words of the event.

The smile on the faces of the attendees and the great enthusiasm shown in each presentation were the great hallmark of “Recitales”.

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