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Dancers from the Barcelona International Dance Exchange teach a workshop

The Mazatlán Professional Dance School is a space where creativity is received, where innovation and different proposals are received, a place from where talent and powerful professionals continue to emerge and have become a point of synergies, a vortex for different wills that later translate into very beautiful projects, responded Ireri Mugica.

Sebastián García Ferro and Ireri Mugica from the Barcelona International Dance Exchange, gave a workshop to students and teachers of the EPDM during which they shared their methodology to learn new routes towards the professionalization of the arts through a horizontal work system in which everyone of the creators assume their responsibility, contribute and feel satisfied with the result of their collaborative work.

During the workshop the dancers carried out group integration dynamics and plural communication dynamics in which they gave examples of the methodology and strategies with which they work.

The program is called B>Curious and the objective is to facilitate the implementation of its methodology in students and graduates of professional schools of all artistic disciplines.

B>Curious is divided into two modules in which knowledge of the collective creative process in the performing arts is promoted, they also promote and encourage the mobility of artists and grant scholarships to some participants to attend other BIDE programs such as B> Meeting Barcelona or other B>Landings.

Sebastián García Ferro, choreographer, dancer, performer, and composer of ten theater pieces and more than twenty performances and installations, both of his own creations and for various companies in South America and Europe, commented:

This program in Mazatlán tries to promote the transition towards professionalism of the people who are studying here, but from the BIDE team the only thing we ask is that they be curious, attentive and open to being able to share practices with more people and put their ideas in motion. , he added.

BIDE works through a horizontal system. Regarding the need for hierarchies in human beings and in BIDE, Ireri Mugica explained:

“What we seek at BIDE is to reflect that hierarchies give you structure and with that you have something to hold onto and feel confident, with our methodology we play in evaluating how much rigidity we need and how much we can explore, and understanding that this horizontal space does not dilute the responsibility that we all have, and that suddenly it is easier to delegate it to that leader person who knows when I don’t know, then the horizontal space seeks to make us all responsible and recognize the voice that we bring and contribute in this collaborative way so that something of what we all feel satisfied with.”

Regarding the process to estimate creativity at BIDE, Sebastián highlighted:

“We always pursue the idea that I can come up with something incredible, but we cannot come up with all the ideas, the good thing about working collaboratively as we propose with BIDE is that the other can have a much better idea of the that you have and that you can build the concept of a collective idea, and that is a very important part of the number of proposals that come out of our programs.”

Why come to Mazatlán to publicize this method, this system?

“I have known the EPDM for several years and it seems to me that it is a space where creativity is received, where innovation is received year after year, where there is room for different proposals, close to what is done on a daily basis or even more distant, it seems to me to be a place where talent continues to emerge, powerful professionals continue to emerge and it continues to be a place in which other collaborations can grow, it has become a point of synergies, a vortex for different wills that later translate into very beautiful projects , Mazatlán will continue to be a port for artists, responded Ireri Mugica.

From a Western perspective, what do cultural institutions need for their development, dissemination and expansion?
Agility, because the speed of the artists’ creations, or of the projects, is not always in relation to the speed with which the administration is going, a little more agility, emphasizes Sebastián García.

Since 2016, BIDE has organized several B>Landings, including the Guanajuato Cultural Forum, the Guanajuato Arts Center, the Salamanca Arts Center, the Contemporary Production Center – CEPRODAC, the Contemporary Scenic Festival (Mexico), the University of Nicosia (Cyprus). ), Dance Center (Zaragoza, Spain).

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