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From the first melody the applause sounded loud, the concert director of Colombian origin, Andrés Franco directed the Camerata Mazatlán with energy, he knew very well the possibilities he had in each musician and in every instrument that was played to make the show a success, his leadership was evident.

Scott Coulter came out on stage, said good evening to the Mazatlán audience and began by explaining the songs that would be performed; Then he introduced John Boswell, the man in charge of the piano to subtly decorate each song. The exquisite musical menu began with “A New Life” performed by Scott Coulter where the piano and the tender sounds of the strings together with the heavenly tessituras of the chromatic xylophone inspired us in what every human being longs for at some point in their life… A new beginning!

“This is the Moment”, performed by Jessica Hendy, was the next song so that the motivating frequency continued to pulsate in the spectators, the screen of the Ángela Peralta Theater where the titles and translations of the songs appear was an important element, it is the bond of communication so that there are no language barriers, this time, Mexicans, North Americans and Canadians were intertwined by enjoying the lyrics of all the songs, singing them, recognizing each other, smiling, sharing and living together with hope.

The themes of the Disney film based on Andersen’s story, “The Little Mermaid”, went back in time to remember that transformation and evolution are important drivers in the search for love, there is always an Eric for every Ariel.

In each song the sounds emitted by the piano keys launched a network of charm, Alex Getlin with excellent diction and perfect musical accent kept the performance admired, enthusiastic and happy, while the Camerata Mazatlán sounded powerful as they sound on that street in New York called, Broadway.

The musical journey was successful, it was one that is respected over time, “Thriller” by Michael Jackson made bodies vibrate with its spectacular intro, the singer’s spontaneity also lent itself to a bit of stage improvisation. Campbell Walker, who participated in Season 11 of America’s Got Talent, added a touch of Jackson-style dancing to excite everyone regardless of age or nationality.

The Camerata Mazatlán and Andrés Franco, with all the style of the Big Band, set the story of “Mack the Knife” to music. This song in Louis Armstrong’s version became the basis from which numerous artists have made their own versions of the song. The most acclaimed was that of Bobby Darin, which, in 1959, took it to the top of the charts. But it was also performed by Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra, who at the end of his career often used it as the closing song of his concerts. In the Latin world, the Panamanian musician Rubén Blades was the one who made the Spanish version with Pedro Navaja committing crimes to the rhythm of salsa, but this time Scott Coulter left in the memory of Bewitching Broadway that Sheppard (character in the story of Mack the knife ) is the “hero” of the song.

The piano sounded lonely, a voice said (Turn around), a female voice responded “Every now and then I feel a little lonely, (Turn around), every now and then I feel lonely, (Turn around) and you’re never going to come , (Turn around) from time to time I get a little tired, (Turn around) of listening to the sound of my tears, (Turn around), from time to time I feel a little nervous, that the best of my years have passed… ”.

We were in front of two performers, in front of a Camerata Mazatlán that immersed us in pop culture with a song that is considered epic, that became an unprecedented international success and that is also considered one of the most powerful ballads, “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, the strings of the violas and cellos and the double bass placed us in the desperate agony of lovesickness, the violins motivated the powerful sound of the drums to drive Jessica Hendy to that gave us that high knowledge of voice, an auditory gourmet, that moment where cognition makes us know and recognize that perception, attention, learning, memory, language and emotion make us living beings, beings that we have one life and that life is to, among many other things, enjoy music, each creation and each performance to cry, to laugh, and above all to not want to stop existing, at the Ángela Peralta Theater there was an eclipse, a total eclipse of the Heart.

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