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Víctor Manuel García and María Paula Velarde lead the votes to elect the King of Joy and Children’s Queen of Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán

María Paula Velarde García, with 160,120 votes, and Víctor Manuel García Reyes, with 40,000, were in charge of the first count for the election of Children’s Queen and King of Joy of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024, Baroque Eclipse to be held in February 8th to 13th.

The first count that was chaired by the General Director of the Instituto de Cultura de Mazatlán, Raúl Rico González, the first cheers went to the candidates for King of Joy: Víctor Reyes, Héctor Limón, Germán Orozco and Benjamín López.

The Plaza de la Colonia Francisco Villa was covered in colors, shouts of support for the contenders while the music of the versatile Group One Play created a party atmosphere by performing songs that made those present dance.

With classic songs that were successful in the voice of artists such as Celia Cruz, Ángeles Azules, and other groups, the music caused the current King Víctor Quiroz, and the candidates seeking his crown Víctor Reyes, Héctor Limón, Germán Orozco and Benjamín López party among the attendees.

While Notary public José Manuel Magallón Osuna attested to the legality of the first count, the child candidates were presented amid shouts of support: María Paula Velarde and Givanna Valdez, as well as SGM Melanie Alarcón and SGM Ivanna Arámburo.

One of the most intense and effusive moments of the night was the presentation of the candidates for the reign of the next Carnaval, as the catwalk of the beautiful competitors caused the multicolored groups to shout in favor of each of the girls.

Dancers from the Vilanova Academy under the artistic direction of maestra Montserrat Millán raised the spirits of the public with choreographies specially prepared for the Carnaval demonstration.

Results of the first count of the candidates for King of the Mazatlán Carnaval: Benjamín López, 31,000 votes; Germán Orozco, 34,300 votes; Héctor Limón, 35,000 votes and Víctor Manuel García, 40,000 votes.

Results of the first count of Reina Infantil: Givanna Valdez, 38,500 votes and María Paula Velarde, 160,120 votes.

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