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Dr. Omar Lizárraga Morales presented his book “The train of dreams: Mobility of Central American citizens in transit through Sinaloa” on Friday afternoon, an acute reflection on how our State experiences one of the most important human phenomena of today.

With the participation of Dr. Raymundo Partida as moderator, Dr. Arturo Santamaría Gómez and maestro Isaac Arangueré Valdés, as commentators, the presentation of this work slowly and imperceptibly became an exciting opportunity to deepen social and economic causes. policies that unleash the phenomenon of Central American mobility throughout the national territory.

Dr. Santamaría opened the talk emphasizing the timeliness of this publication, since we are, in his opinion, before a social phenomenon that has shaken the nation in recent years with events such as the Caravans of Migrants and that will surely grow.

For his part, Isaac Lizárraga applauded the rigor and breadth of this work that gives the public the opportunity to form a much more lucid opinion about the human aspects that are involved when talking about the so-called Central American migrants.

But, without a doubt, the central theme of the talk was a call to Mazatlecan society to watch their reactions of rejection and contempt towards the Salvadoran, Honduran, Guatemalan and other national populations that pass briefly through “La Perla del Pacifico” with attention.

The panelists agreed that there is no real risk or danger with the transit of these people through our city, since they do not aspire to make their life here and only make a stop at their destination towards the northern border.

To close the presentation, Dr. Lizárraga Morales pointed out that his work addresses the violence and poverty that give rise to these displacements, the re-victimization that they experience in the Mexican territory and their hope that, through the national policies that our country is already implementing, a much more human and empathic southern border can be created with millions of people who, like many Mexicans, only aspire to a better life in the United States.

“The Train of Dreams: Mobility of Central American Citizens in Transit Through Sinaloa” is in the Faculty of Social Sciences atUAS at a price of 100 pesos. The sales of the book will be donated to San Francisco de Asís parish.

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