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Full of experiences, inaloense folklore, and details of Lupita the so-called “girlfriend of Culiacán”, successfully presented the staging “Once Upon a Time the Bride”, where hundreds of Mazatlan and tourists attended the Angela Peralta Theater to witness the work of the company Sabaiba Teatro.

Within Spring Season 2019 promoted by the Municipal Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlan, the promotion of all forms of expression continued, the present play being one of the best events for the weekend in the port.

Exciting from beginning to end, where five actors narrated the most emotional moments of the life of Guadalupe, who was said to have had a romance in her youth that left her to go in search of the American dream.

Years later when she was 37, she married in her native Ahome, with a widower named Don Manuel Valenzuela, in the middle of his big wedding party was cursed by some Hungarians, reflecting this in the death of her fourth daughter a new born baby.

After the tragic flooding of the river, they took away all their patrimony, remaining in the ruins, also striking her with the loss of sanity.

After the psychic shock, some live healers swindled her, telling her that that she’d have happiness and fortune again, but she would have to dedicate her life to good causes and travel to Rome to meet the Supreme Pontiff to reverse the situation.
Something that did not happen. She reached Culiacán where she was seen for more than 30 years dressed in white, with a rosary on her chest, sunglasses and leaving in her wake the scent of her favorite fragrance Chanel number 5, until cancer was winning, little by little at age 87, at the end of the eighties.

The five actors that were on stage all in white were Paloma Parra who played Guadalupe; Alejandra Machado played Lupita; David Zataraín was the man; while the nurse was characterized by Lorena Fierro; the role of the doctor was crystallized by Héctor García.

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