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This Thursday, August 27, at 12:00 noon, on the Facebook page Cultura TV, the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán, directed by José Ángel Tostado Quevedo, will celebrate the 150th birthday with a special video of Amado Nervo, the young writer who began his literary career in Mazatlán.

This virtual presentation will take place at the Angela Peralta Theater with an artistic program that will celebrate the artistic legacy of the great Mexican poet.

Maestro Ramón Gómez Polo, accompanied by violinist Fernando Hernández Montes de Oca, will recite some verses from “El día que me quiero”, a poem that Carlos Gardel covered in a superb tango that will be interpreted by the baritone Mario Canela and that will feature the piano accompaniment of Juan Pablo García and dancers Alina Rodríguez Begdadi and Gean Lee Panchi, conducted by maestro Guillermo Carrillo.

Later, Gómez Polo will read the famous poem “En Paz”, one of Nervo’s greatest creations and one of the most famous poems in the Spanish language, in an emotional performance with the violinist Fernando Hernández Montes de Oca.

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