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Although the COVID-19 health contingency did not allow Fanny, Tupac and Diego to have a graduation ceremony with bass drums and cymbals, a selection of their best work is gathered at the Angela Peralta Gallery to show the public some fruits of their studies of the Technical Career in Fine Arts of the Municipal Center of Arts of Mazatlán.

Three years ago, maestra Mónica Rice became coordinator of the area of fine arts of the Municipal Center of Arts of Mazatlán and during this time she closely experienced the growth process of Fanny Corich Pelletier, Tupac Amaru Ávila Ramírez and Diego Sebastián Romero y García .

Three different personalities, three visions that have been formed through the passion and discipline that the port’s highest artistic institution offers.

“I am very proud of them, it is a group in which their personalities complement each other and it is very satisfying to see their process in these three years I have had, to see them grow as people and as artists and it has been very satisfactory for me to see how they have grown” says maestra Rice.

This group shares a common trait, introversion; However, in each of them this characteristic has been transformed into a melting pot of emotions and temperaments.

Fanny’s shyness gave way to great discipline, to methodical, dedicated and strict work; Tupac’s reserved character became an intense desire for exploration, experimentation and learning, and Diego’s verbal and auditory limitations gave him strength to seek his independence and manifest a being full of vitality, color.

“They reflect their personality in their work and that is something that we as a school fulfill: comprehensive development as a person, not only as artists,” stressed Mónica Rice, recalling that for the Mazatlán Instituto de Cultura, the arts are always an essential tool of human development.

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