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The Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán, directed by José Ángel Tostado Quevedo, and the Baupres Cultural Center made a small tribute in recognition of the 40 years of the career of Alejandro Mojica, musician and fine artist who has paved the way for art and culture.

The closing of his exhibition “Lo que la tarde trae” (what the afternoon brings), open since October at the Ángela Peralta Gallery, served as framework to praise his great talent and recognize so many years dedicated to the fine arts.

In the voice of maestra Zoila Fernández, Artistic Director of Cultura, accompanied by Dory Perdomo, Silvia Michel and Mónica Rice, a recognition was read that applauded Mojica for the great value he has developed as a cultural manager promoting the rescue and promotion of art.

In the career of the artist born in Teocaltiche, Jalisco, more than 40 individual exhibitions stand out, as well as 100 group exhibitions in museums and galleries in countries such as Peru, the United States, the Dominican Republic, Japan, Belgium, Venezuela, Canada, China, Colombia and Mexico.

Alejandro Mojica said he was surprised and at the same time grateful for this small tribute that encourages and motivates his walk through culture and the arts even more.

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