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This Saturday, November 6, the activity of the Municipal Cinema at Casa Haas continues with a new schedule at 6:00 p.m., with the closing of the FICUNAM Tour with the projection of the film “Liborio” (Dominican Republic-Puerto Rico-Qatar) by Director Nino Martínez Sosa.

The directorial debut of editor Nino Martínez, a collaborator of Jaime Rosales, is a foray into the world of magic and spirituality. A visually beautiful film, transcendent in its narrative. We see the history / legend of Liborio from different points of view, the opinions of the community. It is a story in which the limits are not clear: life and death, reality and fantasy, truth and lies.

Liborio disappears in a hurricane. One day he returns speaking as a prophet, healing the sick and gathering many followers deep in the mountains. Local powers confront him only to see him disappear, until he decides to face his deepest fears and fight the invading American Marines.

The film is screened in its original Spanish language. Free entrance.

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