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With the presence of national tourist boys and girls, in addition to the port of Mazatlán, the second edition of the children’s program ¡Que León-Es! was successfully developed in the Plazuela de los Leones.

Endowed with illustrated books, imagination and a participative audience, storyteller Ángela Camacho brought this program to a successful conclusion where attendees experienced an hour of knowledge and adventures in the open air.

It was with a round of riddles that the literary adventure began, where the little ones used their imagination to answer the questions.

Then they listened to the beautiful story of the book “My mom” which was written by Anthony Brown, from which the good deeds that “mommy” does sprouted in a short story.
Terror and mystery became present when they told “Paporco”, the story of Ana Cristina Herreros, who narrates the adventures of a giant who is branded as evil, but it is only confusion and he leaves town because he is mistreated.

To conclude, “Kiriko” was told, the adventures of a rooster who was going to a party, but the children chose the ending since they had the opportunity of different outcomes. Then with the book What do you like best? attendees learned to count and choose between the possibilities given by the creative on each page of this book.

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