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In the voice of the members of the Ángela Peralta Choir, directed by maestra María Murillo, “Ecos de España” aroused enthusiasm in the El Quelite Sindicatura, thus concluding the tour of Cultura in your Community in the rural zone and popular colonies of Mazatlán.

Dozens of people gathered in the coverered plaza and were amazed by the educated voices that gave a beautiful concert, made up of zarzuela pieces performed by the choir and soloists to the delight of the public.

From the moment of the preparation of their voices, those who were in the square and around the covered plaza faded into the first attendees and settled in their favorite places.

For this occasion, the “Ecos de España” program was made up of “El pasacalle”, de Los Nardos, “La cava de las viudas”, “El tango de la Menegilda”, “La violetera”, La mazurca”, “El último romántico”, “El coro de vareadores”, “Que te importa que no venga”, “El preludio del barberillo”, El pichi”, “Amor vida de mi vida”, y “La verbena de la paloma”.
Guided on the piano by maestro Sergio Castellanos, and on stage by director Mary Murillo, the artists gave their best, featuring soloists Yolanda Lizárraga, Berenice Espinoza, Ángela Rodríguez, Fernando Martínez, Lupita Orduño, Juan Manuel Piña and Aurora Felix.

The members of the Ángela Peralta Choir received a strong ovation as encouragement for their performance, and the public thanked the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán, for presenting this type of performance in this community with a tourist vocation.

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