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Attentive children, look at the images in the book, they gesture with joy, they listen attentively and reflectively, they respond confidently and maestra Ángela Camacho continues her reading enthusiastically and with dynamism.

“¡Qué León-es!” is the title of their activity, sharing experiences and conversations based on books to enjoy stories, games, paintings and music in the mediation and reading program promoted by the Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Artes de Mazatlán.

This fun and pleasant experience for children includes a tent, tables, chairs, books, a microphone, a horn, and the necessary conditions so that the senses of girls and boys accompanied by their parents remain in the teaching-learning bond.

Maestra Ángela Camacho’s changing room is equipped with bags containing surprising elements, continuity of care is guaranteed and thus the attendees gathered in the Plazuela de la Casa Hogar, on Calle 13 de Abril and Jorge Negrete in the Benito Juárez neighborhood. They forgot everyday life and enjoyed this pleasant experience as a family.

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