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Students of the Singing Degree from the Municipal Center for the Arts offered a tour of the pieces, composers and famous people of the lyrical genre during an open class at the Museum of Music.

Through their performance they put into practice their knowledge of voice management and stage performance, they managed to create different atmospheres and arouse a whirlwind of emotions among the spectators gathered in the room.

With a stage set up in front of an audience seated at 360 degrees, the exercise represented a different challenge for each one of the artists, who thus prepare themselves to attend competitions, participate in stage projects, and graduate to join lyrical singing professionally.

In this presentation, the CMA students interpreted different arias and gave life to characters from famous works such as: The Barber of Seville by Gioachino Rossini; Elixir of Love by Gaetano Donizetti; and Don Giovani by Amadeus Mozart, among others.

Artists from all school grades came out to give their best on stage, under the tutelage of maestros José Miguel Valenzuela, Ariadna Rosales, Eduardo Tapia and Juan Pablo García, who accompanied each participant on the piano.

Maestro Enrique Patrón De Rueda, mezzo-soprano Sarah Holcombe and cellist Citlali Cisneros participated as synod members.

The interpreters evaluated were: María Álvarez, Lilia Citlali Pozos, Diana Itzel Ramírez, Vanesa Alejandra Gama, Ashanti Palomares, Luis Rodrigo Simental, Luis Gerardo Sosa and Sheyli Yessenia Batzin, who obtained positive comments and suggestions from their synods to correctly handle their vocal instrument, improve the interpretation of the characters and correct their performance on stage.

Eduardo Tapia, a CMA teacher, indicated that the idea of the 360-degree stage is intended for students to feel observed from all angles to help them lose stage fright.

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