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This Saturday, May 20th, the film “Canción Sin Nombre” (2013), the debut film by Peruvian Melina León, is being screened at the Cinema of the Municipal Center for the Arts.

The appointment for moviegoers is at 6:00 p.m. in the CMA building, located on Calle Carnaval without number, access is on Plazuela Machado.

The story narrates the heartbreaking events that occurred in Peru at the end of the eighties. A couple of indigenous peasants, victims of violence, forced to leave their territory in Ayacucho.

In precarious conditions they are relocated to the outskirts of Lima, selling potatoes in the market is their daily livelihood. She, being in the last stage of pregnancy, pays attention to a radio announcement in which they offer free medical attention to pregnant women. When it is time to give birth, she is cared for in that place, but after her delivery, the newborn is taken away from her mother.

Desperate, Georgina begins a tireless fight to recover her little girl, she goes to the judicial authorities, but bureaucratic obstacles do not allow her to exercise her rights. She seeks help in the newspaper La Reforma, where she meets the journalist Pedro Campos, who takes an interest in her case, discovering that the disappearance of the girl is not an isolated event.

“Canción Sin Nombre” is a film of social denunciation that manages to raise its voice on behalf of all those women who were silenced, a film capable of filling us with rage and impotence in the face of the suffering of these mothers, who will never be able to have their newborn children born in their arms. The film is projected in its original language, Spanish.

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