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The boys and girls who want to learn to sing can come to take classes: Mariela Angulo

The Children’s Choir of the Municipal Center for the Arts, made up of students who sing pieces from the classical repertoire and Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, is a hotbed of outstanding talents in the music scene and an option for children who want to learn to sing.

Maestra Mariela Angulo is a contralto, a serious female voice that stands out for the rich sonority and amplitude of her low register, and she directs the Children’s Choir of the Instituto de Cultura de Mazatlán.

The lyrical singer invites Mazatlan children to take classes at the CMA Children’s Choir.

“Here we welcome them and we do an evaluation to check their aptitudes, that they are well prepared to be able to enter, that they like to sing, they are given a small tuning test, that they know the instruments, the classrooms and can enter the Choir Children from six years of age.

Proud of the outstanding participation of the Children’s Choir in events of state and national projection, the teacher Mariela Angulo celebrates the notable intervention of the group in several locally manufactured operas, produced by the Municipal Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlán.

“It is very gratifying to have such talented children who start at an early age in the vocal and musical area, they also study solfeggio and some are in the vocal area, they study pure singing and it is very nice because this group has grown a lot.”

She affirms that the Children’s Choir has been a hotbed of very talented children for a decade.

“Some are still here, others have stood out a lot, some play as invited students at the Camerata (Mazatlán) or are invited to sing in operas, I have invited them in the youth section, that is, already with adult voices”.

Happy with the progress of her students, she shares that one of them, Jesús Romeo Baños Estrada, participates in a Singing Contest at the state level.

“Among 61 students that I have, I select between 20 and 25 children to participate in operas and concerts, there is a formal and individual training, I look at the progress of each one, and I integrate them with the others in their own group, in their same string, there are two strings, soprano and alto, suddenly we also sing in three voices, either first and second sopranos, first and second altos, even up to four voices”.

During the class of the teacher Mariela Angulo, a rehearsal of “Bohemian Rhapsody” by the British group “Queen” was performed. The enthusiasm of the students was notorious.

Valeria, a 12-year-old soprano girl, member of the CMA Children’s Choir, expressed that she really likes the music of “Queen” and in general the artist Freddie Mercury because her vocal range is four octaves, which it was a very good vocal range.

Valeria entered the Choir at the age of eight and is moved when she participates in a play because her family attends and admires her, for this reason she invited the girls and boys who like music and like to sing, to go to the CMA to ask and sign up.

The youngest student in the group is Greta, she is 7 years old, she says very convincingly that she feels safe and what she likes most about singing is when she performs in concerts.

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