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A Thursday of poetry, a Thursday of emerging poets was experienced at Casa Haas.

Maestra María Muñiz thanked the public for their presence during “Literary Thursday” and stressed that one of the objectives of this program is to promote literature and present young people who are making a name in the art of written expression.

It is about that, to recognize the literary and creative talent of those who already have been, of who already are, to open spaces for emerging poets, for those who are beginning to write, who have every desire to have a presence in literature, to carry the voice, those new voices and those new ways of writing, and those things that are not so new.

Because love, hate, sadness, hopelessness, joy, have nothing new, but the way they formed…yes.

During the event, reading time was given to each poet and his work, and a musical bridge was made between poet and poet so that Eng. Roberto Carrillo would musicalize with blues and rock with poetic content such as that of Bob Dylan.

Roberto Loera, Francisco Daniel, Antonio Vázquez, Linda Inés Ibarra and José were the emerging poets who were inspired by resplendent natural elements, in violent days of melancholy, in memories of historical events, in pantheon heroes and villains, in realities made happy by dreams. , and dreams subject to the preferences of the heart.

At the end of the readings, certificates were delivered to the emerging poets, it was mentioned that they are preparing the edition of their first poetic anthology.

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