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Since its founding, Mazatlán has distinguished itself as a port where commerce, tourism, and migration have flourished, a sample of this is the architecture that still remains in the Historic Center of the Port, buildings that are still standing and that were created by families from Italy, Germany, Spain, among other countries, as narrated by the Official Historian of Mazatlán, Enrique Vega Ayala, on a tour with the delegation that traveled from the sister city of Hamm, Germany.

The business tourism group made up of Uwe Sauerland, director of the Hamm City Hall Office; Volker Burgard, head of the Department of the Environment; Robert Reminghorst, head of the City’s Waste and Cleanup Operations; and Hannah Duewell, honorary representative of the Hamm-Mazatlán cities, filled the Port with praise, after knowing pieces of its history.

The walk began in Plazuela Machado, where Vega Ayala explained in detail the origin of each of the constructions that exist around the “Heart of Mazatlán”, spoke of the festivities that were celebrated in the public place and gave dates and historical data of the place.

The tourists continued through the streets of Sixto Osuna, Belisario Domínguez, Mariano Escobedo, and at this point Enrique Vega told the story of the German store, and its surroundings, where the great buildings were created, inhabited by families from that country, leaving architecture as their heritage.

The tour continued through some of the main streets of the Historical Center such as Niños Héroes, Venus, Romanita de la Peña, among others, and concluded with a visit to the Ángela Peralta Theater, the jewel of the city, declared a National Historical Heritage in the year of 1990.

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