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Last Friday, May 26 at 7:00 p.m. at Casa Haas, a tribute was paid to Elisa Pérez Meza, a prominent Sinaloan artist and daughter of the Trovador del Campo, Luis Pérez Meza.

The tribute was the original idea of Melvin Cantarell and Irma Laura Sánchez and the production was carried out by Hernando Hernández Pérez, Elisa’s life partner and creative complement, who welcomed the public gathered to honor the memory and musical legacy of the artist, a year after her sensitive death.

Videos with songs that Elisa would have liked to record but sang and were filmed at the Museo Casa de los Pérez Meza, such as “Te doy una canción” by Silvio Rodríguez and “Todo a pulmon” by Alejandro Lerner, welcomed the public who filled the auditorium.

The tribute continued with a portrait written and narrated by Aleyda Rojo, author of ‘Más frescas las tardes’, ‘Defensa de lo prohibido’, ‘Brujas del tiempo’ ‘Ataque a la piedad’ y ‘Caballero dinosaurio’, among other literary works, which were nostalgically rememinded of Elisa Pérez Meza, as a human being and as an artist.

Rojo highlighted that Elisa’s discography put world literature to music and transformed the verses of poets such as Amado Nervo, Pablo Neruda, José Gorostiza, Gilberto Owen and Enrique González Martínez into songs.

The writer affirmed that Elisa’s contributions are not limited to being the daughter of the renowned Sinaloan singer-songwriter Luis Pérez Meza, and he mentioned that it is possible that the most enjoyed recitals by all have been those that she presented at the Pérez Meza House Museum.

“For me, after the painful departure of Amparo Ochoa, it was she (Elisa) who was in charge of keeping the trova fire alive in Sinaloa, a territory of music where you can count on your fingers the names of the singing women who have been born here,” he said.

“Elisa Pérez Meza brought together an artist committed to her personal history, her environment, the time and culture of her country. Her departure caused great sorrow because she still had a lot to give us; meeting and remembering her is the best way to say thank her, Elisa, for so many songs and concerts that you gave us,” concluded Aleyda Rojo.

In the tribute to Elisa Pérez Meza who began her artistic career professionally in 2001 and managed to record 6 CDS, the Dance Group of the House of Cultura of Escuinapa participated, under the direction of maestro Eligio Becerra, with the choreography of the song “When I go out to the fields” and the Cozatl de Cosalá Dance Group, under the direction of maestro Gregorio Corrales, with the choreography of “Las Isabeles”; both groups used to accompany Elisa in her frequent presentations in said municipalities.

Another of the most emotional moments was the screening of “Cada vez más Elisa”, a documentary video produced by Aramis Franco under the signature of Claroscuro Producciones. In the images, the honored artist could be seen walking the Malecon, the beach and Plazuela Machado where she talks with endearing characters such as José Ángel Espinosa ‘Ferrusquilla’, with whom she recorded the song “Échame a mí la culpa”.

Víctor Manuel Osuna (violin), Víctor Manuel Barraza (guitar), Nartumid Barraza (percussion) and Darío Ávila (double bass) participated in the musical part, some of whom accompanied Elisa Pérez Meza throughout her career and in the production and recording of her latest albums.

At the beginning they performed ´Para Elisa´ by L.V. Beethoven; the ‘Cumbia del Güilo’, by Hernando Hernández and ‘Échame a mí la culpa’, by José Ángel Espinosa “Ferrusquilla”.

Then came a surprise because there was an ensemble of Elisa’s voice with live music when she interpreted ‘Alas’, by Enrique González; ‘Madrigal por Medusa’ by Gilberto Owen and ‘Canción del Macho y la Hembra’ by Pablo Neruda, the three pieces with music by Hernando Hernández and at the end ‘El sauce y la palma’.

To conclude the tribute, Ana Luisa Burgueño Pérez, Elisa’s daughter, thanked God for the life of her mother, who was a great daughter, mother, sister, wife, partner, fighter, tireless, generous and loving warrior, but above all she was an extraordinary artist.

Elisa Pérez Meza was born in La Cruz (Elota municipality) but she always lived in Mazatlán. She passed away on May 26, 2022.

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