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Sovereigns and comparsas from Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán were “luxury” guests at the Feria de Madera [wood fair] and caused a stir among the inhabitants of El Salto municipality of Pueblo Nuevo (Durango), who lined up to have their picture taken with them.

The founding anniversary of El Salto is celebrated with the Feria de Madera and from its origin the popular festival has not had external attractions, but this year was different with the participation of the Mazatlan entourage.

With the spectacular dresses and brilliant crowns of her Alejandra Tirado, Queen of Carnaval; Uma Ramírez, Queen of the Floral Games; the King of Carnaval, Víctor Quiroz; the Children’s Queen, Melani Alarcón and the Queen of Poetry, Ivanna Arámburo, were the focus of attention during the parade that toured the main streets of the mountain city.

The dance, the acrobatics and the sparkling energy of the Mazatlan youth imposed their rhythm and cheerful and festive stamp during the parade in which the participation of Jazz All Dance from Cbtis 05, directed by Blanca Gabriela Ibarra García; Danza Asis directed by Celia Noriega and the academy Danzare Studio, directed by Naysin Espinosa Coronado.

The representatives of the Carnaval Mazatlán attended the inauguration of the Feria de Madera and graced the coronation of the Queen of the El Salto Fair.

The presence of the royal court was considered a trigger for the cultural, tourist and economic activity of the mountain region.

“This year Mazatlán was a luxury guest because its Carnaval entourage gave a lot of encouragement and enhancement to our parade, we are very happy that they came,” said Hellen Pérez, councilor of Pueblo Nuevo, Durango.

The intention was to give a higher level to the Fair with the participation of the representatives of Carnaval Mazatlán since we know of its national and international character.

“And so we wanted to enhance our event, that’s why the idea of bringing a taste of the Carnaval Mazatlán arose, so that people know what the atmosphere is like in Mazatlán,” shared Luis Carlos Marrufo, director of Education of Art and Culture of Pueblo Nuevo.

The manager commented that the Feria de Madera has been held for 30 years to celebrate the founding of El Salto, whose origin is unclear as some say it was founded 450 years ago and others say it was born 700 years ago.

Carnival Mazatlán reactivates the economy of El Salto

The organizers acknowledge that the announced participation of the Carnaval delegation increased the expectation to attend the Fair, and they recognized that each year the maximum festival in Port increases the tourist presence and reactivates the economy of El Salto, as it is a transit point.

Councilor Hellen Pérez affirmed that Carnival Mazatlán reactivated the economy since the families of Durango and other states, who travel by road with the purpose of enjoying the most emblematic popular festival of the Mazatlecans, arrive to buy gasoline and usually eat and shop in the community.

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