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With creativity and ingenuity, the children of the Benito Juárez and Constitución neighborhoods experienced a different morning when they participated in “¡Qué León-es!”, a children’s program of Spring Season that reached the Carlos McGregor Library.

Maestra Ángela Camacho starred in this fun social gathering and read different children’s stories to stimulate the imagination and creativity of the participants.

The beginning of the program presented by the Instituto de Cultura de Mazatlán was accompanied by a series of riddles and to answer them, the children had the support of their parents.

Among the novelties of “¡Qué León-es!”, the little ones sang children’s songs by Francisco Gabilondo Soler and other artists focused on children.

Among the stories covered on this occasion, the following was read: “Cierra el pico”, written by Pierre Delye, a work that narrates the adventures of a restless chick that is very observant and inquisitive.

Then followed the adventures of: “Me gustan los libros” by Anthony Brown, the musical accompaniment with the melody “Duerme negrito” and to conclude the entertaining day the children captured their reading learning in drawings.

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