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The chairs were insufficient as the audience doubled last Saturday in Plazuela Zaragoza during the presentation of the Ángela Peralta Choir.

On an open-air stage, the best zarzuelas of the Spanish repertoire were interpreted by the polyphonic group of the Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán, which thus supported the restart of activities of the Barrio Corazón program, announced with great fanfare by maestra María Muñiz, who was thankful for the collaboration of the general direction of CULTURA.

Accompanied by maestro Sergio Castellanos on piano, baritone Fernando Martínez, mezzo-soprano Ángela Rodríguez and the choir, they sang with a touch of good humor and for an hour they built a lively and entertaining musical show.

In the repertoire, Pichi and Java’s interpretation of the widows of Las Leandras shone; the Barberillo Lavapiés, The Mazurka of the Umbrellas and The Vareadores by Luisa Fernanda.

When the time came to interpret El pasacalle de Los nardos, the spontaneous accompaniment of two ladies arose among the audience, who applauded and sang with enthusiasm…¡Por la calle de Alcalá!, the first of its verses and continued until they interpreted the complete song.

Another of the most applauded musical moments was the interpretation of the seguidillas of La verbena de la paloma, one of the most celebrated lyrical farces in the world of zarzuela.

The Ángela Peralta Choir is one of the greatest references in musical art in the port, it was founded by maestro Antonio González but is currently directed by maestra Mary Murillo, who this afternoon was thankful for the applause of the public and left the door of the choir group open so those who wish to learn to sing can enter.

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