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She will travel to Florence, Italy to receive classes at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy

Ana Lucía González isn’t giving up, trying to achieve the dream of becoming a professional dancer, that is why she hasn’t stopped studying and is now packing her bags to cross the Atlantic and arrive in Florence, Italy where she will take a course taught by the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, an institution with a great tradition and world prestige.

Last March, Ana Lucía traveled to Mexico City and there she met Dmitry Povolotsky who gave her an audition which she accredited to attend Italy in July.

The camp in Florence will be from July 17th to 28th and to cover the expenses of the trip and her stay in the old continent, the 14-year-old girl had a breakfast, and soon she will do a raffle, since she needs more than 40,000 pesos. amount that only covers your stay in the camp, plus the expenses generated by traveling to Europe.

Ana Lucía said she felt grateful because after requesting social support through a press conference, she received financial contributions and some people promised to cooperate.

She shared that on June 30th there will be a raffle with the National Lottery. The goal is to sell 500 tickets and each ticket costs $100.00. First place she will win a weekend at the Courtyard by Marriot; second place will get $1000.00 in consumption at La Tostadería del Mar and a tray of Sushi Xipada with a value of $500.00 will be raffled.

“I need around 43,000 pesos since I will be in Italy for around two weeks”, she exclaimed.

In order to arrive strengthened and with a better level to the course, Ana Lucía is preparing herself intensely in all areas; the classes she will attend in Florence are given by teachers from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy based in Moscow, Russia; The school enjoys high prestige for the quality of its teachers.

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