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If you are an artist, enjoy the performing arts or want to venture into your studio, go to the Municipal Arts Center and take advantage of the 20% discount on registration that will be valid only for the month of May.

The discount on registration to study the 2023-2024 school year is applicable to study at all educational levels of the Municipal Center for the Arts.

The CMA offers the Bachelor of Singing and Music with classes taught by maestros, interpreters of lyrical singing and professional musicians from the Mazatlán Camerata from different cities in Mexico and other countries.

The Degree in Contemporary Dance is also taught at the Professional Dance School of Mazatlán, whose teaching staff includes the participation of dancers from the Delfos company, artists who have conquered stages on four continents.

For those who are interested in entering the Professional Technical level, the CMA offers the career in Plastic Arts, in Theater Art, in Classical Ballet and in Music; Upon completion of their studies they receive a certificate.

In addition to professional studies, the CMA offers classes in workshops for Children’s Theatre, Theatre, Music, Cinematography, Fine Arts, Children’s Literature, Poetry and Minifiction, Comics, Classical Ballet, choral music and Folkloric Ballet.

Newly admitted students must register in the pre-entry league on the CMA page, the area coordinator will inform them about the audition or interview date and the applicant will pay for the audition if applicable. On the day of the audition, the applicant will deliver the payment form to audition.

Via email, the applicant is notified if he or she was accepted, in addition to sending the requirements for registration, information on fees and documents to be delivered. The next step is to pay registration with a letter pass at the box office of the Ángela Peralta Theater. Finally, the academic coordination sends the confirmation of registration in the system by e-mail, schedules, dates of the school year, and date of the induction course.

Those who wish to re-register and continue with their training, must submit the registration application and payment form to the Academic Coordination, they will receive proof of receipt of documents and registration and via email they will be notified of their registration in the system with times and dates of the new cycle.
For more information, call 669 982-4446 and 47 at extension 106 or at the CMA reception located on Calle Carnaval S/N in the Centro neighborhood, on Plazuela Machado.

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