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After more than two months of activity, “Dialogues of our History” came to an end in Spring Season 2023, closing with a flourish by having Isaac Aranguré, director of the documentary “What does Sinaloa taste like? A walk through the flavors”.

Before a packed stage in the Carnaval corridor, located in front of the access to the Municipal Arts Center, people of all ages paid attention to the exhibitor who for 40 minutes narrated from the beginnings of this noble project that reaching the success achieved on the platforms of streaming.

“And yes, after the pandemic and that dream that began about eight years ago, we managed to put our first film content on a streaming platform, with a Sinaloan product, made in Sinaloa, told by Sinaloans to the world, whith distribution here comes the good stuff, the series enchants”, said the native of Mazatlán with enthusiasm.

During the presentation of the documentary in movie theaters, Aranguré assured that the public’s reactions gave rise to adding more elements in future projects, while on the network they received positive comments from people from countries such as Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia, among others.

In the round of questions and answers, the guest received praise and questions about his work as producer of this documentary that allows the world to show the gastronomic wealth of Sinaloa.

He assured that one of the setbacks they faced during the recordings of the first season was the third wave of COVID-19 and the immense heat during August that affected the recording equipment.

One of the objectives was to show the wealth of the home by visiting the more than 220 kitchens in Sinaloa, where they were always greeted with phrases like “Have you eaten yet?”, and they shared extraordinary dishes based on vegetables, meat, fish, and shellfish. The series shares Sinaloan gastronomy in all its tradition, evolution and proposal.

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