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Evolution as characterization artists, was what the open makeup class for the first grade students of the Technical Career in Theater Art produced, as was considered by maestro Axiel Díaz Méndez, who in coordination with the synods evaluated the work of their students.

It was the Experimental Forum of the Municipal Arts Center, the space where young people achieved important changes in their physical appearance and created fictional characters with professional results through body paint techniques, latex makeup, among others.

For maestro Díaz Méndez, in this open class, his students “worked on areas of opportunity, when they work on those areas they see issues that are difficult for them and they begin to perfect them, the time comes when they had not realized that they were better at that area that they didn’t think they were good at,” he exclaimed.

In the open characterization makeup class, students managed to create mythical characters taken from the big screen such as Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy); Wicked Witch of the West (The Wizard of Oz), Bratz, and a student entered the anime world to create their own version of him as an evil ninja, others characterized the elderly, the sick, and some dabbled in drag queen makeup.

Ramón Gómez Polo, director of the Municipal Theater School; Alejandra Quintanilla, coordinator of the technical career in Theater Art, and José Díaz, professor of photography, voice and diction, served as observers during the open class.

Gómez Polo stressed the importance of offering activities such as this open class, since it provides solutions since the necessary material is not always found in this city, but having knowledge about makeup and characterization increases creativity and enriches the work of a future artistic director, stage director or general director, because with few resources many things can be achieved.

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