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The percussion workshop of the Music School of the Municipal Center for the Arts showed the progress of its students in the 2022-2023 school year during a recital offered last Friday afternoon.


At the Museo de la Música, maestros Omar Ríos and Max Carreón accompanied by percussionist Juliana Vilchis led this presentation in which group and individual work was evident.


Pieces performed with drums, xylophone, marimba, drums, timpani, cymbals, bass drum, triangle, maracas, chimes with avant-garde rhythms, the “Pachelbel’s Canon in D major” captivated family, friends and guests invited by the students.


Maestro Omar Ríos mentioned that students learn to work as a team from the beginning, which is important because teamwork originates from teachers and should be exemplified by helping students to improve academically so that they can be great artists and as a result, in each school year the level of student learning increases.


We work with students from 6 to 24 years old, as is the case of Miguel Ángel Moreno Zambrano, who is a few days away from graduating from a Percussion Degree.


Omar Ríos pointed out that through the study plans and programs the student has to show discipline and demonstrate an excellent level of rudiments (basic pattern used in the study of percussion instruments) to later perform exercises with the feet, since a percussionist works with feet and hands, the synchronization of movements is another phase of the training, rudiments and independence are attended with special attention.


He added that the teacher evaluation meetings allow entering into the contextualization of what has to be integrated in addition to the academic plans that the Ministry of Public Education sends.

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