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The Municipal Arts Center carries out the necessary processes before the Ministry of Public Education and Culture so that graduates of the last four generations can release their social service, obtain their certificate of studies and graduate, assured the Educational Director of the CMA, Liliana Aréchiga Pérez.

She clarified that the regularization process began in November with the arrival of the new directors, but she stopped to attend to certain requirements of the SEPYC to which were unfortunately ignored the previous administration.

“We find many irregularities but what worries us the most is that there has been no follow-up on the generation of certificates and release of social service in technical careers and degrees,” said the academic director of the CMA.

In January we were ready to deliver the documentation to generate titles and electronic IDs, however at that time it was not possible because there was a pending process before the SEPYC.

She explained that the Ministry of Education requested that each career have its password or COE and in response to this requirement, the separation of the password was immediately requested.

“When we started the process, we found out that they had already been told that the separation of those COEs was required, but they ignored it; So we sent the request, the Planning area of the SEPYC has already come to review; He asked us for a series of documents that we need to update, including a land use license, security plans, structural opinion, etc.

Aréchiga Pérez assured that they are working to comply with all the administrative requirements and the idea is that after reviewing the documents, the necessary keys are generated to change the formats and once authorized, submit the request to the General Directorate of Professions in the City of Mexico to generate titles and electronic IDs.

“We hope that in a reasonable time we can extend the documents. We are very committed to working on this, we want them to give us a vote of confidence, we have been working for five months but it is a process and step by step is required, I know that they have already waited a long time but I ask them to have confidence in us”, reiterated the public servant.

She announced that as a result of the work that has been done, after 3 years, the first 38 certificates of the technical areas and 18 social service processes were released.

It is the beginning and in the coming weeks they will be giving us more certificates and releasing the social service; However, in the case of bachelor’s degrees, we are still in a process and we hope to be able to give the news as soon as possible that they can now process their degree and their electronic ID, she concluded.

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