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A literary afternoon with the scent of a woman will take place this June 15th at the Casa Haas facilities, where a select group of women who share the privilege of reading will star in “Pensamiento ficcional, cuentos de mujeres”, in one more broadcast of Literary Thursday.

It will be at 6:00 p.m. when the women read stories written at different times of the last century, and in turn comment on them to advance in the construction of a reading community through reflection and the exchange of ideas about the content of the pieces.

On this special afternoon, Amparo Dávila, Guadalupe Dueñas and Nelly Campobello will be commentators on the works, while Eutimia Osuna Guardado, Sara Martínez, Paulina María de Rueda and Lupita Cárdenas will participate as readers.

The piece “El Quince”, written by Inés Arredondo from Sinaloa, which she presented in July 1957, will allow Paulina de Rueda to debut in this type of event, for which she is prepared and hopes that the audience will also participate during this afternoon.

Admission will be free in the building located on the corner of Mariano Escobedo and Heriberto Frías streets without number, the doors will open 15 minutes before the third call is given

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