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In a fraternal atmosphere and in the presence of readers, friends and family members, on September 5th, the book “La Fragata” was presented, the debut work of the Mazatlecan writer Aramis Franco.

During the literary evening at Casa Haas, the writer, screenwriter and film director (Mazatlán, Sinaloa, 1986) and Bachelor of Communication Sciences from the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, shared that it took him almost 13 years to finish the book, since he began to write it, until its publication.

Aramis Franco said he felt satisfied, happy for his work that began with a childhood memory when in a “Naval Combat” he was curious and questioned his father Ruy Franco, why is there a ship in the sea that shoots firecrackers at the bay, a response that surprised him because of the history surrounding it; Some time later, before the loss of his parents, he returned to doubt and documented the fact that inspired him to write this novel.

“What I do is take up that childhood impression I had, and try to make it understandable to other people, since the Naval Combat, the confrontation against the French, the frigate, is well known, but very few know what lies beyond that history, and what interests me with the novel is not narrating the combat itself, but the people who lived through it, the town, and how they dealt with it in a period that could have been aggressive towards people”, he exclaimed.

During the presentation of the historical novel, Samuel Parra was the moderator of the night and comments on the work were given by Luis Antonio Martínez Peña and Adalberto García.

Martínez Peña highlighted the stupendous narration when recounting the unique daily life, the cooking, the tranquility that existed in 1864, especially the events and dramas of the characters that give life to the book.

Before concluding his participation, Aramis Franco shared some personal anecdotes that led him to write the book and thanked those who motivated, promoted, and collaborated to achieve its publication, such as the painter Víctor Higadera, author of the book cover with his work “Arrastrado por un tsunami”, a painting created in 2005, based on the events of the tsunami in 2004, a work that the writer liked because he sees it as the confluence of the three main characters of “La Fragata”.

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