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The Faculty of Marine Sciences is a prestigious educational center in the northwest of the country, and this Saturday, September 9 at the Music Museum at 7:00 p.m., the teacher and researcher Ramón Enrique Morán Angulo will present the book “Entre la Academia y la Insurgencia 1970-1980”.
This work is research work where the teacher tells how the foundation of Facimar was, its history, who were the first professors, students, and the evolution it had in its initial decade.
For this literature fiesta, the moderator will be teacher Gildardo Izaguirre Fierro, as commentators will be teachers Ramón Peraza Vizcarra, Pedro Brito Osuna and Jorge Briones Franco.
In the words of Enrique Vega Ayala, Official Chronicler of Mazatlán, this history book talks about the origin of the Faculty of Marine Sciences, of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, narrated by a distinguished member such as Doctor Morán.
“It is a fairly extensive investigation, very well developed, well supported in terms of sources, documents and interviews, it talks about the origin of the school’s existence until the eighties, it is a fairly extensive and well-documented take. It is a story and as such it can be of general interest, but of course the ones who will have the most interest will be the university students”, exclaimed Vega Ayala.
The Museo de la Música is located on Calle Constitución #53 between Calle Carnaval and Benito Juárez. Admission for attendees is free and those who attend will have the opportunity to purchase the copy at a cost of 200 pesos.

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