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This Friday, September 8th at the Ing. Manuel Bonilla Library

“Mi viaje sola a la playa”, a literary work by Aylín Britzel will be presented at the Ing. Manuel Bonilla Library, located in Plazuela de Los Leones, on Friday, September 8th at 6:00 p.m. :00 hours.

‘My solo trip to the beach’ is a trip to the center of my being, to my heart and to the depths, and there are moments that are like a caress, there are others that confront you, there are some that are a question, and one what is the saying… How much does forgiveness resonate in a heart after it has been broken? And there is also a space for readers, to be able to write and respond, and get on this boat of this conversation”, reflects the author.

“Learning with family ties of the chosen family and the family by nature that life gave us to exist, life and death, is the loss not only of someone in a physical way like what we perceive as death, but the death of many processes, the death of dreams, of projects, of expectations, and then in each death there is a resurrection for me, and in each death there has been a higher and more conscious version of me, and that is in this book”, she adds.

“My solo trip to the beach” has been presented at the University Book Fair of the Autonomous University of Hidalgo and at the International Book Fair of the State of Mexico, it has also taken it to bookstores and art houses in Puebla, Michoacán and Querétaro, and presented it with Edgar Martin on Radio Formula Querétaro.
Aylín Britzel is from Sinaloa and graduated from theUniversidad de Occidente with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, she is an actress and singer and has been under the direction of Mario Kontos participating in projects such as “The sinking ship”, “Tribute to the divo of Juárez” , and the “Requiem for Lola Beltrán” among others.

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