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Casa Haas hosts the exhibition “Sueños tangibles” [tangible dreams] by Dr. Gloria López Gavito; The works will be on display to the public until October 12th and will be on sale to support an orphanage.

At the inauguration of the exhibition, maestro Enrique Vega Ayala, on behalf of the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, welcomed and thanked the artist for her presence.

It is a pride and an honor that Doctor (Gloria López Gavito) has shared her art where she shows us that she is in love with colors and is a great fine artist for pleasure, said the public servant.

“We are made of the same stuff as dreams,” Shakespeare.

The exhibition is made up of 42 paintings, 11 sculptures and an installation in which the composition the fine artist integrates four figures and a collection of poems.

The author shared that the installation is inspired by rest, “rest is something that society does not currently practice but that is very necessary.” While her sculptures are inspired by the horse, her favorite animal, and her hands, which are very important to her because she uses them every day. In her creative process she used cork and epoxy resins to give them shine.

Her poems are inspired by her mother, her daughter, the daily Mexican woman and above all, time, because for Dr. Gloria López Gavito, time is the most precious gift that God gives us.

Something that characterizes her paintings and sculptures are the strong and vivid colors that transmit joy, meditation and the creativity of her thought.

The pieces were created in 2023 and this is the first time they have been exhibited. Gloria López Gavito has mounted 120 exhibitions with her works of art in different parts of the world, from America, Europe, Asia and she wants to exhibit in Africa and Oceania.

The exhibition will be open to the public until October 12th at the Casa Haas facilities, located on Mariano Escobedo Street, the corner with Heriberto Frías, Col. Centro. The pieces are for sale and part of the money raised will be donated to the Casa del Mar Orphanage.

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