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The Municipal Library Ing. Manuel Bonilla received this Friday, September 8, more than 50 people of various ages during the presentation of a collection of poems that in the voice of the author is… Pure Bibliomancy!

Karina Castillo, writer and poet, was in charge of presenting the collection of poems “Mi viaje sola a la playa” by Aylín Britzel to the audience.

The work in the author’s voice

-Aylín, you are coming from a tour, you presented “Mi viaje sola a la playa” in the State of Mexico, Michoacán, Pachuca, Puebla. Is it a project that you self-manage?

“Yes, it is a 100% independent project. The tour is being self-managed, I mean that with the sales of the book I am covering the expenses of the tour, however, it is getting a very good response with the people who are connecting. In addition, I think the book is getting into the right hands, and now we are here in Mazatlán.

-You use all social networks, digital platforms. What is your strategy like?

“More than a strategy, it is the honesty with which I have shared the process since its inception, since the idea that I was going to publish a book occurred to me, I began to make it known, then the public, friends who are close and people who are also “They follow me and have been present in all these processes.”

“I think it became a long-awaited book thanks to that, because I was very transparent with all the processes, including the challenges, the book sometimes got stuck for months, the personal, emotional processes that somehow The converted the process to slower or more agile, so people have seen everything, that is. It has been like that open book that has shared everything and it has been very nice because even the video where the book arrived for the first time to my house already printed, the reaction of my friends when they saw it, my family The people have been there so it is very beautiful, beyond it being a strategy, it arose from my need to create a community and not feel alone in the process of make a book for the first time.

-I have seen that you highlight honesty. Is it a book, is it a collection of poems? I see that there is a section in your book for the reader to interact and dare to make poetry a little and discover that inner voice that wants to express itself.

“Yes, it is a collection of poems, it is poetic prose, it is 10 years of existence captured there, and there is a section, the book has eight sections that touch on various topics, self-love, relationships, feminism, the LGBT community, poetry itself itself and there is a part called “Questions that no one answered, you answer” and it has lines so that readers can respond, or not, or can find things in there, it is a space that seemed very opportune to generate dialogue with those who have the book in your hands and directly or indirectly be able to generate this conversation about those topics that move us, because it has been very interesting to see how the questions we ask ourselves are the same, right? And the book is loaded with such great passion and love that I consider it to be alive, to be magical, to be blessed.”

“We have been doing an exercise called “The Oracle” in presentations in different states and cities where people ask a question and open the book and…pure bibliomancy!
The book has answered (the public’s questions) in a way that has greatly surprised me.

And how about, with the hope that after they read your book they will surely find a poet or a writer within themselves?

“Yes, that’s what it’s about, of course that’s part of my mission in life, to tell people Hey, you’re an artist too, we are artists! And beyond the fact that it is something pretentious, it is like a reminder of who you are, who I am, why I came into the world, what moves my heart? Pay attention to that, that’s what I think “My trip alone to the beach.”

Aylín Britzel also commented that she is already preparing her second book and at the end of her presentation she took time to take photographs, talk with readers and mingle with those who came to say goodbye to her.

Alonso Guerra, coordinator of Literature at the Municipal Arts Center, told attendees that they will continue to meet in the libraries of Mazatlán to offer this type of presentations and recover public spaces for the promotion of reading and healthy social coexistence.

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