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On Thursday, October 26th, members of the Azoteatro and Mazteatro collective will premiere the play “Sueño suicida de una mano”. The cast is part of the hotbed of artistic talents graduated from the Municipal Arts Center of the Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán.

The Mr. Lionso Terrace, located at Avenida Sábalo Cerritos #200 in Playa Brujas, will be the stage for the talented Mazatlecos who will give two presentations, at 5:30 p.m. and at 7:00 p.m.

The melodrama was written by Javier Márquez, it is directed by Nattz Landaverde and Ángel Abundis – three CMA graduates – and the last two act in this staging together with Ana Urrea and Ivana Hernández.

The plot addresses the loneliness of four characters who, at the top of a building, share only one thing in common: that day they have decided to die, but is death really the only thing they have in common?

In addition to drama, there will be live music by Nartoomid, a local singer who combines and masters percussion with singing, it will be a perfect artistic dish to have a good time and support the new generation of artists from Mazatlán.

“Just what we want is for people to know the concept, to see that it is a viable project, a quality staging, to bet (on this project) from companies, students, and the public. “I think it’s open to everyone.”
The objective of Azoteatro is to bring the performing arts with local talent to all the neighborhoods of Mazatlán, exclaimed actor Ángel Abundis.

Ángel Abundis currently lives in Mexico City for work, where he has participated for Apple TV in the series “The Mosquito coast”, recorded in Tulum; He has played characters for the television show “Como dice el dicho”, he is currently filming a series for Prime Video and is about to premiere an episode of Doctora Lucía on TV Azteca.

Another of his strengths is voice dubbing, which has allowed him to venture into American Dad, and he constantly performs performing arts in Teatro en Breve, which has been running for four seasons.

The Azoteatro project was created by Jonathan Torrijos, Graduate in Singing and CMA graduate, and was born as an ideal space to promote the performing arts and promote singing and music.

Tickets $200 pesos on sale on WhatsApp 669232 5948 or 669 196 2854.

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