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Once again the Festival Cultural Mazatlán 2020 and Profest offered a great virtual dance show for the enjoyment of all Mazatlecos, on this occasion they presented from the imposing Angela Peralta Theater “Canción a la memoria” (song to memory).

Two pieces that show off the power of dance, the first, “Canción a la memoria espacial”, in it Cristina Zamora makes a moving journey adapting her body to the expressions of her character, a resident who travels the city of Guanajuato rescuing experiences and memories.

Later, “Los ojos abiertos de ella” was presented. In this work, Noemi Sánchez overcame the challenge of telling a story through the body, its movements and expressions. Although the challenge was great, the artist was able to overcome the magic of dance, lighting, music and scenery to accurately tell the life of a woman in preparation for her death. Simple, wonderful, terrifying or fascinating events, love, death, happiness and the odyssey of living.

An exciting story connected with the interpretive quality of Noemi created a strong woman, with fear, but determined, a constant struggle between what is inside and outside her head … the artistic journey of both works had a happy ending, enjoy the beauty of this art.

This virtual presentation will be available on the Culture TV Facebook page.

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