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A pleasant and nostalgic afternoon was experienced at Casa Haas within the Literary Thursday program with the presentation of the book “My brother the priest”, a work written by the native of Guamúchil Humberto Choza Gaxiola, who shared secrets of his work and spoke of the contribution he has made to Sinaloa society.

On this special occasion, the author was accompanied by Linda Ibarra, who presented the book; The moderator was the poet Roberto Loera, and as a special guest Alejandro Choza, son of the protagonist who read his father’s curriculum.

The author was questioned about the elaboration of the text, he said that his inspiration is based on real facts mixed with fiction, since he had a very dear brother, respected in the Catholic Church, he was an exemplary priest; remembering it brought tears and his voice was cut off so he asked for a moment to recover, which generated applause from the viewers.

In the talk, Humberto Choza confessed that this is his second published book and that he is working on two more copies, which he hopes will reach their conclusion soon so that his readers can enjoy them, as they have done for the last 30 years, time he has had disclosures in columns in different state newspapers.

At the end of the literary talk, a round of questions and answers was opened with the participation of the public, who highlighted that during his tenure as Local Deputy in the LIV Legislature, the writer and Doctor Choza Gaxiola promoted the delivery of the Youth Merit Award, and the implementation of article 79 of the Transit Law that obliges the driver of cars or trucks to wear a seat belt.

After this, the participants received a recognition from the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán

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